I woke up to find out that I am the eyes of the world...

I've always been in love with creating. Whether it's art, jewelry, clothing or music, I'm happiest when I am making something. My influences come from everything that I see, hear and learn about the world, hence "Eyes of the World Designs".

As a young girl I remember imagining myself as a veterinarian, or an archaeologist or a teacher, but nothing seemed to fit perfectly and I always came back to the same idea : Wouldn't it be just lovely if I had my own shop and could just make things FOREVER? This idea has swirled in and out of my life as I did in fact become a teacher, and later a behavior therapist. But I was never fulfilled in life unless I had multiple creative projects underway. I worked on as a teacher and a therapist, knowing that the work I was doing helped people. But at some point the scale tipped, and it wasn't enough to just help others, I had to finally help myself as well. As this realization began to sink in I also noticed that the things I was making were GOOD. They were bits of beauty I could be proud to send out into the world. My skills were finally reaching a level where ideas turned out better than I imagined them. At this point there was no denying it, the time had come to realize the lifelong dream to open my own shop and make things forever. In the words of the song that inspired the shop name... I did indeed wake up to find out that I am the eyes of the world.

I'm proud to present to you my brainchild and the fruits of my creative labor, Eyes of the World Designs! Please enjoy perusing the many one-of-a-kind items that I have lovingly made, and will continue to make forever.

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